Screen Door Repair & Replacement

Whether your screen mesh is worn, torn or completely gone we can re-screen your existing frame on site or in shop providing your existing frame is in serviceable condition.  We can also replace it with a specialty mesh such as super durable Pet Mesh, Sun control mesh or UltraVue screen mesh that is nearly invisible.  In some cases we can also replace missing handles, wheels and latches.  We even have replacement track for some sliding doors.

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Sliding Door Screens in Utah

Tired of fighting that pesky rolling screen door?  Utah’s Winters can be rough on your screen door parts, especially when water freezes in the track of your sliding screen door. We can replace it with the best screen door on the market; period, amen, bar none!  It’s made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum, steel wheels that roll smoothly & won’t break or jump off the track & sports an attractive, comfortable handle.  We promise that it will be the last door you ever buy & you’ll be thrilled with it!

Pet Screen

pet screenWe can even screen your door (& some window screens) with Pet mesh that is 7 times stronger than traditional bug mesh.  It is almost child & pet proof.

Pet Doors

pet doorsWe can also install a pet door right into the mesh of a sliding screen door.  No more constantly getting up to let your pet in or out.  The pet door can also be latched if you want to keep them in or out.  Life just got easier.

Retractable Door Screens

Click Here to learn about our retractable screens.

Why Clearview?

  • We Are Experts
  • We have the best doors in the industry
  • We have industry Standard frame Colors
  • We Size them Right
  • We have a specialized mesh to meet every need
  • We guarantee our work


  • Re-screen door insert = $21 – $45
  • Replace screen door insert = $36 – $50
  • Re-screen existing sliding door = $60 – $80 (most common types & sizes)
  • New light duty sliding door (better than most stock doors & what you’ll find at a big box store) = $99 (most common sizes) + $30 Installation
  • New medium duty custom built sliding door = $189 (most common sizes) + $30 Installation
  • New heavy duty custom built sliding door = $239 (most common sizes) + $30 Installation