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Fiberglass Screen Mesh

Standard Bug Mesh

Bug mesh is made of fiberglass thread and as the name implies this is the standard bug screen used by most window manufacturers as well as our competitors in the screen business. It comes in Charcoal & SilverGrey. We only stock Charcoal and we don’t recommend SilverGrey because it is harder to see through.

Pool & Patio Mesh

Pool & Patio mesh is also made of fiberglass but the thread is slightly heavier and therefore more durable than standard bug mesh. The thread count is also slightly different at 18 X 14. It is called Pool & Patio mesh because it was developed for larger openings & applications where durability was important. Because of the improved durability this is actually Clearview’s “standard” mesh for window and door screens. This is one of the many reasons why you want to get your replacement screens from Clearview.

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