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High Strength Mesh


TuffScreen is made of welded vinyl coated polyester thread that is - well, a lot tougher than fiberglass insect mesh. Actually it’s 4 times stronger! TuffScreen is a great option for window screens that could be exposed to anything that would tear an ordinary screen. It is also very well suited for large openings like our screen rooms because it is so much stronger and more durable than standard insect screen but is nicer to see through than PetScreen.


PetScreen is a whopping 7 times stronger than insect mesh. Like TuffScreen it is also made of vinyl coated polyester thread but it is much heavier than TuffScreen and it isn’t welded. On top of being amazingly strong, the non welded weave allows the threads to flex & move when anything would puncture it so If a small object such as a pets claw, does create a hole you can actually manipulate the threads back in place making the hole disappear. You have to see it to appreciate just how amazing this mesh is. It is nearly indestructible.

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