Window Screens

Screen Repair and Rescreening in Utah

Whether your screen mesh is worn, torn or completely gone we can rescreen your  existing frame on site or in shop providing your existing frame is in serviceable condition.  We use fiberglass screening that will not rust or corrode and is stain resistant.   Ask about the many specialty screen mesh’s we have available such as TuffScreen, super durable Pet Mesh, Sun control mesh or UltraVue screens that are nearly invisible.  We can also replace missing tabs, springs or other fasteners.

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New Window Screens

If your existing window screen frame is bent or missing all together we can replace it with a new one.  We only use the highest quality components for window screens that will stand up to the elements and last for many years.  For instance we use a heavier gauge frame than others in the business so they are less likely to bend when being removed, replaced or handled carelessly.

Did you know that the most common cause of bent & damaged screens is amateur (or so called professional) window cleaners?  When you add up the cost of repairing or replacing screens it usually far outweighs the money saved by hiring anyone who is less than a window & screen cleaning expert.  For the finest window & screen cleaning service along the Wasatch front visit:

We Size Them Properly to Fit Your Window

Another common cause of bent screens is that they were sized wrong to begin with so no matter how careful you are when removing or replacing them they are bound to bend anyway.  We take great pride in making sure that your new Clearview screens are sized properly and in many cases work better than the original screen.

We Use Heavier Frame on Our Screens

It’s also amazing how often the existing screen frame is actually the wrong size.  This allows bugs and insects to go right around the screen even if it is the right height and width and the mesh is in good condition.  Sometimes the manufacturer used the wrong size frame to begin with. (Can you believe that!?)

We Are Experts

Some times the frame is the wrong size because the original screen was replaced by someone who is not a screen expert.  It is common for window & door companies that don’t specialize in screen repair and replacement to carry only one size screen frame.  So make sure you are getting the right size frame for your windows.  At Clearview we carry dozens of sizes & colors to make sure we have the right screen frame for your window.

Retractable Window Screens

Click Here to learn about our retractable screens.

Why Clearview?Screen Frame Colors w Text Sml

  • We Are Experts
  • We use the highest quality components available
  • Our “standard” frame is 20% heavier
  • We Use the Right Size Frame
  • We stock 8 industry Standard frame Colors
  • We Size them Right
  • We have a specialized mesh for every need
  • We guarantee our work
  • Re-screen existing window screen (Most Screens) = $21
  • Brand new heavy gauge window screen (Most Screens) = $36